Our turnaround time, or number of days your instrument sits in our shop before completion, totally depends on the flow of work. Usually, it's only a couple of days. Other times, it could be over a week. In rare cases there are extremes in either direction, and we will let you know up front.

We work through each guitar in the order they come into the shop. You wouldn't want us to rush through the job on your instrument. We wouldn't rush through the job for anyone else, either. Quality of work is our number one priority. Quality takes time.

If you are in a tight situation, of course we try to work with you. Repairs between lessons, paid gigs, or in time for a tour are completely understandable. Just let us know in advance and we will accommodate you as best we can. If there is no emergency, please have patience. We assure you, you'll be happy with the results!