Constructed of top quality components with a lot of trick details - We can build the guitar of your dreams for around $1000.

The options are limitless, but the price will vary accordingly. Using off-the-shelf necks and bodies, we can keep the price down.

Our Standard Specs include Dimarzio Area T Noiseless Pickups, Vintage Wiring, CTS Pots and CRL Switch, Compensated Brass Saddles for perfect strobe tuner intonation, Tru-Oil Finished Neck with Custom Fretboard Radius and Modern Frets for ultra-fast play and ability to bend as far as you can push the strings without notes dying out. Of course we finish it off with a complete Plek Fret Dress & Setup. We do our best to source as many USA made parts as possible. We can do custom paint jobs, stains, different pickup options like humbuckers, etc... The price will be adjusted accordingly for whichever options you choose. Boutique pickups, binding, custom necks, etc...

You're welcome to drop by and play Hugh's Clockwork guitar here in the shop. A similar guitar would run $1200.


Custom weathered satin thin finish

Rosewood neck - thin C with flatter radius, medium frets

Dimarzio Area T Neck and Hot T Bridge Pickup

Brass Compensated Saddles

Nickel Hardware - Vintage style ashtray bridge

Kluson Vintage Style Tuners

Plek'd for Low action with amazing playability, sustain, and outstanding intonation - plus, no hum!