From setups to fretwork and pickup installation, we've got you covered. Is your guitar difficult to play? Buzzing a lot? Going out of tune all the time? You need a setup. It's like taking your car into the shop for a tune-up.

We can get that old guitar playing like new again. We can make your inexpensive guitar play like a higher end instrument. We can probably make your expensive guitar play even better.

Factory Authorized Service Center for Taylor, Takamine, Ibanez, Guild, Cordoba and Ovation

We stock Elixir and D'addario Acoustic Strings. Pro Arte Nylon Strings



Measuring the action

Setups are $85 for Acoustic & Classical Guitars. We'll get the action how you like it - nice and low if that's your thing, or slightly higher so you can "dig in" more on those bends. Adjust for alternate/open tunings, etc... We work with each player to attain the best possible setup for their needs.


Our Complete Setup includes: Cleanup/polish, Restring (strings extra), Cleaning & polishing of frets and fingerboard, oiling unfinished boards (such as rosewood), Adjustment of the truss rod for proper neck relief, adjusting/leveling the saddle for action and proper contact, slotting the nut to attain proper string height and eliminate binding, improve intonation & tuning stability, tighten and clean hardware, etc...

A good setup usually means the difference between a guitar that plays well and one that doesn't. Often times people will not buy a guitar because it is setup poorly. Even most inexpensive guitars can be setup to play right. We will make your guitar play better than it ever has.

The second most common problem we encounter with guitars beyond the setup is the frets. Most manufacturers do not put a lot of effort into ensuring their frets are perfectly level before the guitar leaves the factory. This applies not only to cheap imports, but also to expensive American made instruments. You may not understand why your guitar buzzes in certain areas or has a dead note or two. It could very well need the frets dressed. If it has several years of play on it, then it likely has wear on the frets that can be eliminated.



Strapping an instrument into the Plek Station for fret dressing and setup

Strapping an instrument into the Plek Station for fret dressing and setup

We use Plek Technology to perform fret dressing. Plek is a computer controlled robotic fret working machine. It allows us to set the action very low (or not so low if you prefer) without getting fret buzz, or losing tone and sustain. The level of precision we are working at just isn't possible to do by hand. All fret dressing and refrets will be Plek'd. Plek jobs include a setup in the process, as the strings will be adjusted to work perfectly with the frets. See more about Plek by clicking here


Pulling old, worn frets

If your frets are so worn they need replacing, we've got you covered there, too. If you just want to put in different sized frets to change the feel of your guitar, we can do that. Full refrets ($400-450) include a Plek fret dress and setup. We also use Plek to plane the fretboard when the frets are out. This gives us the best possible results when the new frets are installed. Partial refrets are available if you've only worn the first several frets. (typically $300) Refret price varies depending on the type of neck, finish, and binding. We carry Dunlop and Stewmac fret wire in several sizes. We can also special order any size you like if we don't have it on hand. Keep in mind that most guitars do not need new frets. Most guitars only need the frets dressed. Come see us if you're not sure. We may just save you a bunch of money.



Our Plek Station shaping and slotting a bone nut

Our Plek Station shaping and slotting a bone nut

We can make a custom nut to fit your guitar. Most guitars come with plastic nuts which rob the guitar of some tone, sustain and in many cases, tuning stability. The plastic of many nuts acts as a damper to the transmission of string vibration into the neck. We can custom fit a bone or Tusq nut to fit. We use the Plek machine to craft most nuts. It gives us precise control over string spacing, slot angle/depth, as well as shaping the top of the nut to match the radius of the neck perfectly.




Compensated Bone Saddle

We make custom saddles to upgrade the cheap plastic that comes on most guitars these days. We can also replace yours if its just worn out. We make them out of bone or Graph Tech Tusq (man-made ivory). These give a nice tone and more sustain over cheap plastic. You'll notice an improvement right away. We do compensated saddles to improve intonation, as well.





The Matrix Infinity VT - our most popular pickup

We do custom electronic installs and repairs all the time here at 13th Street Guitars. From simple output jack replacement to pickup repairs or installation - we've got you covered. Most pickup installs in guitars that did not come equipped from the factory are $50-60. We are dealers for Fishman and Misi acoustic pickups. The Matrix Infinity VT is the most popular system we install. ($170, plus $60 installation) No need for a big hole in the side of your guitar - the Matrix Infinity hides inside and has controls in the soundhole.


Hugh cutting a hole for a preamp/EQ box

Custom woodworking, routing, and other modifications... Just ask. We've probably done it before. In this photo, Hugh is cutting an EQ box into the side of a guitar.


Upper Strap Button installed

We do broken headstock and neck repairs all the time. Filling or drilling holes, custom tuners, fixing torn out strap buttons (so they never come out again!), etc...

We only charge $10 to add an upper strap button to your guitar so you can get rid of that shoestring tied around the headstock. We do this while you wait.



We stock D'addario Phosphor Bronze Strings, D'addario EXP Coated, and Pro Arte Nylon. We also have D'addario Silk & Steels, 4 & 5 string Banjo, Mandolin

All strings are priced competitively and not marked way up. Feel free to bring your own brand in, or get a good deal from us on what we have in stock.




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