Vintage Bass Guitar with a very twisted neck

Vintage Bass Guitar with a very twisted neck

You really can find some great deals on Craigslist. There are some drawbacks, but you can't deny it's a great resource for used gear.

First of all: It's free. If you can get on the internet and use email, you can use Craigslist. Sites like Ebay and other musical instrument specific resources charge fees for their services.

Most people don't like the prospect of someone coming to their home to buy or sell something. Many people meet up in public places. This is cool unless it's something you need to test out - like an electric guitar, for example.

We extend this offer to all of our clients: Feel free to meet with your seller or buyer here in our shop during business hours. If you're buying a guitar you're not sure about - we can give our opinion as professionals as to what work it may need, if the neck is straight, and in some cases - if it's genuine or not. (we've seen too many unsuspecting people who bought fake Gibsons, for example.)

We don't charge anything for estimates, so have us check it out before you buy if you're not sure. If the seller won't agree to having a pro look at it, you may have cause for concern.

*The fine print: We assume no liability for any personal sales conducted here or elsewhere. Our verbal opinions are just that, and the decision is ultimately up to you. We're just providing a free service to help people out, and provide no guarantee.